Write. Improve. Publish. 
Until it's done.

Write and connect in SciFlow

Write your research with SciFlow's intuitive and easy to use text editor, which makes you feel familiar.

You can work on your documents online or without an internet connection. 

Invite your research collogues to work with you. SciFlow keeps a version history of the document.

SciFlow writting together

Cooperate and work together.

No more E-Mail attachments and confusing versions. Communicate with your peers in SciFlow.

You can start conversations directly in the text. 

See what has changed since your last visit and which needs a deeper look.

cooperate in SciFlow

Work with your references

Hit the ground running and import your existing references from Citavi, Endnote, and Mendeley or bib-File. 

SciFlow supports most the reference management software. So you can start working with SciFlow right away.

SciFlow Reference Management

Simply publish your work.

Applying all formatting rules to your writing can be time-consuming.  SciFlow does the work for you.

Select a template and SciFlow adopts all formatting to your text. A beautifully formatted pdf document is created for you.

Publishing as HTML5/CSS or xml-formats like JATS is possible with SciFlow, too.

publish your work